Are the Fabs that Factual? Nutritional supplement edition

Composition with dietary supplement tablets

Hop on Facebook or any social media site and there is a high chance you’ll come across a coach promoting the latest and greatest nutritional supplement, complimented with a belly picture of them three months ago vs. now. While my normal response is a slight cringe at the fact they are posting themselves dripping in sweat with a minimum amount of clothes on, I proceed to question whether their product is as great as they say it is.

So out of the numerous supplements that “higher metabolism”,  “brings out your beach bod”, and “tones that bum”,  I decided to compare and contrast nutritional values of Shakeology and Herbalife. 

Fired Up Nutrition provides the convenient opportunity to have your herbalife shake blended for you at one of their many locations, and while shakeology doesn’t have any stores that offer that, it’s pretty easy to find a coach and have some shipped right to your front door.

Each supplement has different purposes so it is important to know your goals and what you’re putting in your body.  Herbalife is geared towards a meal replacer with antioxidant vitamins C and E. Shakeology is more of a protein shake containing over seventy whole food ingredients.

Here’s a comparison of the nutritional values in each product:


Herbalife= 90





Shakeology=100 mg


Herbalife=140 mg



Carbohydrates and fiber:

Herbalife=3 g

Shakeology=3 g

Carbohydrates and sugar:

Herbalife=9 g

Shakeology=9 g



Herbalife=9 g

Shakeology = 17g

While both support the fact that they have values that will help improve your nutritional status, there was no evidence saying one is scientifically better than the other in terms of losing weight. The correlation between working out and taking these supplements suggests that if you’re doing one, you’re most likely to do the other. Thus making comparisons difficult.




4 thoughts on “Are the Fabs that Factual? Nutritional supplement edition

  1. I agree with you on the fact that social media seems to hype up supplements or meal replacements far past their actual range of usefulness. People that promote and take these daily are also people that work out and have an overall healthy lifestyle, but for some reason attribute their success to some new revolutionary product while it’s really more the fact that they workout every day that’s making them healthy. With how expensive these products can be, I think I’ll just stay away from them.


  2. I agree with you, there really is no difference from one supplement to the next. They all have pros and cons and unless you are willing to throw exercise into the mix they aren’t going to make that big of a difference. Personally I have tried both and prefer Herbalife mainly because of all the nutrients included as well as the taste. But the price is just not worth it, I can make my own shakes that are very healthy in their own way and cost me a great deal less than a supplement shake that costs hundreds a month. Nice blog, very interesting!


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